What is a Greenway or Sidepath?

A greenway or sidepath is a corridor of undeveloped land used for recreational, health and educational uses.  It is typically suited for walking, biking, jogging, birdwatch or environmental education.


What will the ACE Trail connect to?

Our goal is to link the Trail directly to the East Coast Greenway which lies to the north along Ritter Road (A Phase II project) and to the Donnelly Wildlife Refuge and Bennett’s Point going south (A Phase III project)


How will the ACE Trail benefit our community?

Foremost, the ACE Trail is a resource for encouraging physical activity.  Rural areas are generally underserved by amenities and the ACE Trail aims to provide a option. Second, it connects our citizens to great natural resources the County offers.  Colleton County  has beautiful landscapes, unique species and cultural assets.  The Trail links all of these elements to create a great experience.  Lastly, it’s an opportunity to promote local tourism.  Colleton County receives visitors for all over the world…largely to experience its special place in the ACE Basin.  Their presence adds to the local economy and helps support our citizens. 


Who is leading this effort?

Friends of the ACE Trail is a local nonprofit organization created for the sole purpose of helping fund the construction of the Trail. The development of the Trail is a group effort.  The land is jointly owned by Colleton County and the City of Walterboro.  The County has received funding through federal and state grants to undertake its construction but more funds are always needed.  Extra funding raised by the Friends would go not only to construct the Trail but to help build the trailhead, promote and advertise its presence and support program activities centered around the Trail.


How long will the Trail take to build?

Phase 1 is approximately 1.83 miles with constructed planned to start in the Fall 2016.   It is expected to take about one year to complete.  The Trailhead has not been fully funded yet but should be undertaken at the same time.  Phase II which would continue the trail a further 1.3 miles has no funding at this time.


How will the ACE Trail be funded?

To date, federal and state grants have been obtained by Colleton County to undertake the work.  However, Friends of the ACE Trail will seek to obtain local funding from private donors as well as corporate sponsors.


How safe will the Trail be?

Safety is one of our most important issues.  Research from other trails show that criminal activity is almost nonexistent.  In Colleton County, the Sheriff’s Office will take responsibility for patrolling the trail and trailhead.  To report any suspicious activity you can call 843-549-2211. 


How was this land acquired for the Trail?

The railroad was abandoned by CSX in the 1980s and was later sold to the County and City of Walterboro jointly.  That right-of-way extends from Green Pond to Walterboro for some 13 miles.