About the Trail

The trail head is located on a three acre site about 2 miles north of the intersection of US Hwy 17 and SC Hwy 303.  It is adjacent a CSX rail crossing in the Green Pond community.  Phase 1 of the trail will be run along an old abandoned Atlantic Coast Rail Road Line right of way that parallels SC Hwy 303 for about 1.8 miles to Clover Hill Road.  A proposed Phase II would extend the trail a little over another mile and connect to Ritter Road (SC Hwy 41).  Ritter Road is part of the EAST COAST GREENWAY that runs along the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida.  You can reach the EAST COAST GREENWAY from Clover Hill Road by turning left on Clover Hill which intersects Ritter Road some 2.7 miles northwest.

The trail is ideal for walking, biking, general exercise and bird watching.  It is flat path comprised of a dirt/concrete based built on the old elevated rail bed.  You can park at the trail head on Folly Creek Lane at the intersection of SC Hwy 303 and Folly Creek (GPS Coordinates:  -80 deg 36' 56" West and 32 deg 43' 56" North).

The trail head is 3 acre tract of land which has an 18 car parking area on a gravel base.  It will has several picnic tables and trash receptacle.  There are no restrooms or water stations at this site.